About Apptria Technologies

Apptria Technologies was founded in 2011 by several executives of Express Metrix, an industry leader in developing IT and software asset management solutions. Apptria Technologies' core offering, the Apptria Software Catalog™ (formerly the Express Software Identification Database [ESID]®), has powered the application recognition within Express Metrix's products for over 15 years and is recognized throughout the industry for its accuracy and comprehensiveness. The primary purpose of the company is to develop and enhance the content within the Apptria Software Catalog so its OEM partners can increase the reliability of their own offerings' software recognition.

The Apptria Software Catalog has been licensed by some of the world's top asset management vendors including HCL Technologies, BMC, Miradore, ASG, Kaseya, and New Boundary Technologies. Through its network of OEM partners, the Apptria Software Catalog provides application recognition capabilities for over 15 million corporate and public sector PCs across the globe.

Apptria Technologies' plan is to continue evolving the software catalog, as well as related technologies, to augment its value as a strategic asset to the industry and to those technologies that utilize it.